5 benefits of the LFT Programme

Participation and engagement within the LFT Programme will naturally be a significant investment in terms of time, resource, energy and commitment.  It will be of critical importance that you ensure this development investment brings sustainable and tangible results for both you and your organisation now and in the future.

Below we have summarised five key value-add benefits of participating in the LFT Programme.

During the LFT Programme, all participants (regardless of their starting point or journey to date), substantially increase their own self-awareness. They better recognise and acknowledge their strengths and develop competencies that are necessary to act more effectively as leaders. Equally, full potential becomes realised, which allows individuals to act from a place of personal power to increase overall leadership impact in a variety of situations and environments.

The Programme triggers participants’ initiative and responsibility for business development and creating an environment for success. Based on their own self-awareness, feedback and inspirations obtained others, the Programme’s participants become leaders capable to engage others in accordance with their values & business strategy. There are also able to inspire others and positively influence the organisational culture in many different ways.

Participants are challenged to focus on long-term sustainable success for their organisations in the face of external market developments, emerging trends and changing consumer and stakeholder expectations. The dramatic start to 2020 has sharpened everyone’s awareness of the importance of sustainability!
The programme ensures that leaders use foresight to focus on changing dynamics. Participants are equipped with practical tools and strategies to drive and influence change and lead their teams in the face of a forever changing landscape.

Influential networks, created by participants during the Programme, share and drive similar passion and focus, which develops the business outcomes and goals further. Personal relationships are created, tested and nurtured to ensure this positively impacts not only the day to day business challenges but creates a more robust foundation for cooperation, collaboration and a new-found appreciation of mutual dependencies

From the outset, participants are required to focus on real-life business challenges and initiatives with the goal of sourcing solutions throughout the duration of the programme.  As a result, organisations receive inspiration to develop new services, products and/or to implement business improvements necessary to more effectively compete in the market. They therefore benefit from very transparent and tangible returns.


Photo by Alfred Aloushy on Unsplash