We help our clients to increase the valueand impact of their organisations through business and personal transformation.

We are a team of advisors, moderators and coaches with many years of experience in working with Polish and international companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations.

Working with clients, we unlock leadership potential in their companies, develop authentic and influential change leaders, and strengthen organizations in the transformation process.

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Sarah Ellis

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

Małgorzata Tomaszewska

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

„This is the first programme of its kind that I have encountered. The design offers a perfect balance between hard, tangible ROI for the business and a life-changing personal development experience for the participants who gain insights and learning to empower them for both now and the future. This powerful combination really is ‘magic’ which is not just observed and heard but you can really feel and experience at every step of the journey.”

Specialization:Engaging individuals and teams in strategy, transformation, leadership, talent development particularly when adopting a holistic (mind-body) approach

„The LFT programme is all about strengthening personal power in the business context. Only then can you take full responsibility for yourself and consciously decide about your responsibility towards other people, in teams, with clients, in organisations and communities. ”

Specialization:change management, leadership development, development of personal competencies, building engagement in teams and organizations

Małgorzata Kalisz

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

Katarzyna Rozenfeld

Associate Fluent Sp. z o.o.

„High impact of the LFT programme is achieved by enabling leaders to discover and fully unleash their potential and by focusing their leadership energy on business priorities. The fact that the Program is organised in the specific business context of the client makes all newly acquired leadership skills very practical and applicable in day-to-day jobs and bringing immediate value to the organisation.Therefore the LFT is a proof that the best and most sustainable results can be achieved by linking ‚hard’ (business focus) with ‚soft’ (leadership development).

Specialization:people management, building engagement, developing effective leadership, organizational changes, developing potential

„Based on my business experience I have no doubt that the LFT program is vey unique on the market. I am not aware of any other program available on the market that guarantees an immediate return from such an investment. Experience shows that it not only limits the risk of such an investment but also generates income in foreseeable future as a result of strategic initiatives launched during the program.”

Specialization:change management, leadership development, building engagement in teams and organizations

Jonathan Siddons

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

Julita Jabłkowska

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

„What is special about the LFT programme is that it helps individuals to discover and develop the best version of themselves as a leader in the context of their organisational reality and circumstances. Participants are amazed by their change of outlook and mindset from this experience which is created by sharing and learning from other participants and the coaches. This is truly life changing at a deep personal and professional level.”

Specialization:strategy, business models, business transformation, engagement, leadership, communication

„I believe that Leadership for Transformation is a unique proposition for those who want to develop their leadership skills effectively. Its uniqueness is determined by a strong rooting in the realities of business and a deeply experiential formula of classes, complemented by regular feedback sessions (both team and individual). Such design of the program allows the participants, in a short time, to see which of their attitudes and beliefs serve them to build leadership and which weaken these competencies. Participants have an opportunity to test new action models on an ongoing basis and adjust their behaviours. This is definitely a program for ambitious people, who aim high!”

Specialization:business transformation, change management, strategy, building engagement, communication

Marta Dratwa – Wasyłek

Partner Fluent Sp. z o.o.

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„I believe this programme is unique as it strengthens and develops the leadership for the current changes to the business environment i.e. complexity, uncertainty or randomness. This new leadership is based on authenticity, agility, entrepreneurship, system thinking, collaboration and interdependence. It transforms how you think and act in both professional and personal contexts. ”

Specialization:leadership development, strategy, commitment, agility, design and implementation of organizational changes, personal transformation