Leadership for Transformation is a business and leadership development programme that will unleash the leadership potential in your organisation. It will develop authentic and influential change leaders with the skills to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities in the unpredictable world

Why participate in the LFT Programme?

The start of 2020 shows how important the skills to lead change have become in our unpredictable world. The speed of change facing organisations has never been this high. To act and compete in the market effectively, organisations need to:

Understand market challenges

and adjust business strategies to effectively take advantage of arising opportunities

Develop authentic and energised leaders

equipped with the right skillset to initiate and implement changes

Encourage leadership styles

which inspire employees to get involved

Act with agility and flexibility

by aligning the power of organisational hierarchy with the energy and innovation of internal networks


Authentic leadershipis a responseto the challenges of modern times




We believe that business and personal transformation are interrelated. The measure of success in the development of leadership is the change of operational managers in the leaders of change efficiently using the network of relationships and system thinking to influence the company as a whole and lead on the market.

Małgorzata Kalisz

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Leadership for Transformation is:

An engaging and thought provoking holistic programme,

incorporating the newest trends in development and providing alignment between personal and business development

A transformative development experience

for groups of 18-30 people from different levels of organisations, helping them discover and strengthen their personal leadership

A platformfor business leaders

that supports the organisation
to implement business strategies

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Who is the Leadership for Transformation Programme for?

The programme is targeted at companies which:

  • feel the need to strengthen their business position and gain competitive advantage in fast-changing markets
  • believe that their future success depends on the quality of leadership
  • want to boost the innovation and initiative potential of their employees
  • want to unleash the leadership potential in the organisation by investing in the development of top talents

Target group:

  • members of management board
  • senior leaders
  • key talents
  • those with leadership potential, who are passionate and motivated to lead change in their organization

The Leadership for Transformation programme will build a group of leaders in the organization who are:

  • competently strengthened in terms of authentic leadership and change management
  • ready to predict market trends and question the status quo
  • motivated to create new quality in the organization and implementation of new solutions aimed at the company’s success in the future
  • implementing specific projects in areas requiring innovation


The most important benefitsof participatingin the LFT Programme


How do we work in the LFT Programme?

We are ready to facilitate learning in a combination of virtual and in-person environment over a period of the programme.

Leadership for Transformation is designed as an intense, motivational and transformational experience and based on on modern development tools and leadership models which are relevant to the leadership challenges of our fast-changing world.


The most holistic development and business leadership programme for companies

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Through the LFT, I’ve been on a bit of a journey of my personal transformation. Program providing me a framework for me to get to better understand myself and actually where my power lies. Now I am really focus on the things I do well and how to they can me a successful.

Paula Milton

Product Director GB

What makes Leadership for Transformation stand out?

  • huge intensity focused on business and individual goals
  • the perfect balance between the development of personal leadership and building a network of effective change leaders
  • concentration and focus on the real business challenges of the organization
  • using a variety of learning methods (“linking” to methods) that allow you to implement leadership competencies into a business context


action learning




individual coaching

Programme details

Intense, deep developmentwork focused on goals

Get to know our methods and work tools

The programme uses modern and effective learning methods


learning during the Programme takes place mainly through experiencing own leadership with regards to: specially designed business simulations, team games, practice of implementation of business transformation projects. As a result, the participants develop their own motivation to strengthen the strong aspects of their leadership and to introduce changes in their own way of working


one of the methods used in the Programme is working in small groups both during and between workshops. This method supports the implementation of new skills as well as the implementation of business initiatives. Observing others as a leader and discussing their challenges with the support of the group allows participants to improve their skills in a safe environment


during the Programme participants receive feedback from many perspectives – 360-degree study, observations of other participants and coaches, sponsors, as well as self-reflection based on their own insights

Self-directed learning

participants themselves lead their learning process, including the subject matter of tasks and experiences. Responsibility for learning and its effectiveness lies with the participants, where their commitment and personal leadership are strengthened

Shaping habits

individual Programme modules enable building and deepening skills, which strengthens the persistence of changes in behaviour

Programme details

A total of 122 hoursof developmental inspirationfor each participant!


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