We believe leadership development shouldn’t be delayed and the best time to invest is now. That’s why we start the recruitment for LFT 2022 – the deadline for applications is 31st of May 2022 and programme will start in June 2022. We’re confident we’ll find best possible way to support leadership development in current times.


The application process is important to ensure groups of participants have a good mix of personal values, growth aspirations and past experiences to benefit from the unique group learning environment that we create. We will have conversations with every applicant with constructive feedback provided by one of our coaches.

  • We welcome strongly motivated and talented managers from different countries and markets who have experience of leading people
  • We look for diversity of professional backgrounds and past experiences to contribute to the richness of exchange and network
  • We ensure two free of charge spots for NGO leaders, actively working in a third sector

  • We welcome people from all sectors including major corporations, young entrepreneurial businesses, NGOs, education and public sector
  • Participants should have an open attitude to self reflection, learning and feedback and an ambition to make an impact within their current business or organisation

The application to the LFT 2022 edition is open until 31 of May

Join LFT

Applications steps:

1. Complete the application form (see below)

Prepare and submit of a 2-minute video introducing the participant (current role, organisation represented) and answer the question: What would you like to achieve by the end of LFT Programme?

3. Complete the diagnostic questionnaire (approximately 30 minutes) – invitation with a link will be sent to candidates

4. Confirmation of admission will be no later than 5th of June, 2022

5. Coaching conversation with feedback from the  report

Leadership for Transformation Programme (LFT)

Application Form

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    In addition to this application, please prepare and submit a 2-minute video introducing yourself with details of your current role and the organisation you represent and complete the statement: “What would you most like to achieve by the end of LFT Programme?”

    Upload video (up to 20MB, filetypes: mov, avi, mp4, wmv, mkv)

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