Leadership For Transformation Programme Open edition 2020/2021

You will not be surprised to hear that 2020 also looked quite different for us at Fluent to what we originally anticipated, (which we’re sure is a similar story for most of you reading this!)

On numerous occasions we’ve scratched our heads continually contemplating and revising projects, activities and client strategies.  One thing for sure is that whilst all we’ve experienced a ‘sense of loss’ at some level, our reflections have provided great insight into new opportunities that have emerged (and are still emerging); this includes generating new ideas and solutions, shifts in focus and direction and a renewed energy to re-imagine and create the future as it unfolds.

Amidst all the internal and external chaos, we are delighted to launch our Open ‘Leadership for Transformation’ Programme this month (albeit a little later in the year than planned).  This is an opportunity for a truly global and diverse mix of talented participants, who are hungry and ready to learn and grow in the leadership space. We’ve been impressed with their depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and experience as they range in age, gender, ethnic backgrounds and come from a variety of industries and sectors.  As a team of Faculty Coaches, we are curious and open to be challenged and learn from all participants throughout this Programme.

We are hosting Module 1 online and we kicked this off last week with an introductory session around Foresight and more specifically, the importance of every leader being required to anticipate and make sense of the ever-changing VUCA environment.  We’ve increased our 1:1 coaching time upfront before the Programme to ensure every participant is engaged, energised and ready to start their personal and holistic transformation journey.

Our online agenda naturally looks a little different from previous ‘in person’ sessions however we remain confident about the impact these leaders will create very quickly especially as they learn to navigate and lead their teams through the continued turbulence of 2021!