Time to Re-boot?

Much is being written about the fears associated with the COVID 19 pandemic so I wish to talk about a positive opportunity. In isolation, this is a perfect time for reflection about ourselves and the organisations that we serve.

My analogy is a computer that has been operating with hardware and an accumulation of software over a number of years. With daily use to complete urgent tasks, the computer becomes slow, less responsive to new demands and encumbered with caches full of useless data, messy files and overflowing trash. Today’s a great day to start a process of clean-up, upgrade and reboot. There’s lots to be gained by removing outdated belief systems and practices whether personal or systemic in our organisations. Upgrading by investing in new learning and skills and preparing to reboot our organisations with fresh ideas to reinvent, innovate and implement new ways of adding value for customers. What is your opportunity to reboot?

Jonathan Siddons
Partner at Fluent