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That was really great experience to be part of the LFT team! And - you can believe or not - I feel much better prepared for VUCA times, we face today... extreme VUCA!

Tomasz Głos

Partner Management Director, PAYBACK Poland

I joined LFT Programme as a part of my leadership journey. This opportunity gave me a lot of self-awareness but also allowed me to interact with people outside of my company with different background to understand me better how to strengthen certain leadership skills. After my participation in Programme I gained a lot of more information about my strengths and how I could use them better to have a stronger impact with organization and people I’m in interact with.

Carmenza Alarcon

Head of COPAC (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Centro America & Caribbean), Consumer Healthcare, Sanofi

I decided to participate in LFT Programme because I wanted to be a better leader. During LFT Programme I’ve learned that all leaders are fantastic people and there is no such thing as perfectionism. The knowledge gained during the Programme helped in my professional life to be able to look at individuals in my team and to see what motivates them individually, rather than assume that they’re motivated by the same things that I am.What makes LFT Programme standout is that there is an international crowd of business professionals who are at the similar management level, who looks for transformation in their organizations and who look to make themselves better employees and better employers. I would recommend this Programme to others because there is always an ocean that you’re left by yourself in the organization, especially at the managerial position and anyone should be able to gain friends who will help you out during the mission.

Tobiasz Adamczewski

Conservation Director, Board Member, WWF Poland

Right at the first session, I knew that all of my expectations regarding the Programme would be fulfilled.  It came at exactly the right time in my career journey at Travelport and it helped me overcome most of the difficulties I face today.

Balazs Biro

Country Manager, Regional Sales HU, Travelport

Throughout the TLP I’ve been on a personal transformation journey.  The Programme provided me with a framework to get a better understanding of myself and where my power lies.  Now I am really focused on the things I do well and how they continue to make me successful.

Paula Milton

Product Director GB, Travelport

The greatest TLP learning for me, and the behaviour to which I am fully committed, is to never allow fear of failure stand in my way.

Maurita Baker

Vice President & General Manager, Canada, Travelport

I was fortunate to be selected to participate in a Fluent Leadership program in 2017 with my organization. The course challenged me a great deal, helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and some of the opportunities in front me for self and career improvement. The course was intense and relevant to the role I fulfilled in the business and was also a lot of fun. The team at Fluent kept the many different levels and personalities on track and provided a great environment for learning and growing. I highly recommend anyone who has the desire to develop themselves as a manager and coach to go through their program as it will give you the tools and the insights needed to improve the approach. I have seen the changes in myself and in my work pay dividends already and I aim to continue with the steps they helped me to define to grow further into my current and future roles.

Martin Herbert

Managing Director, Asia Travelport

The Travelport Leadership Programme has been an amazing experience for me personally and professionally. It has made me realise new found passions and career goals and also put me on the path or achieving them. The team at Fluent worked with everyone as individuals bringing their own life skills and experience and most importantly there was no ‘cookie cutter’ approach like many of the previous trainings I have been on. Thank you to the Fluent team, you are passionate about getting the best out of everyone and it has been a pleasure getting to know you all and I know you will be a continued part of my leadership journey.

Louise Bennett

Director of Account Management and Product Strategy, Travelport


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